Ways to Play Football – Fast Paced Attack – One more Free Football Drill

When educating gamers how to play football, attempt this free football drill to help your team discover the best ways to strike promptly as well as get the advantage over the resistance.

Fast Strike 2v2

This drill is one I have actually utilized many times as it is very affordable, extremely game like as well as provides the trainer the possibility to instructor both assaulting and also safeguarding principles of soccer The fundamental set up is to have an area of 20-30 lawns large and also 20-30 lawns with a goal at each end. Location cones at the halfway line, to make sure that pitch is separated into two fifty percents. The dimension of the pitch and also the dimension of the objectives need to be adjusted to suit the ages of the gamers. A fast strike is one of the very best tools for your team, as it will certainly capture the resistance off-guard, so make certain and study this drill as well as utilize it to show your team the advantages of a quick paced assault when playing football.

The games is a 2 v 2 game, but has the following framework.

One of the group begins an assault from their objective line.
When a team is assaulting, the other group has to arrange themselves to make sure that among the protectors promptly comes to be a goalkeeper.
The goalkeeper has to not take part in the game up until they remain in the objective area.
The opponents could not shoot unless they have gone across the half means line as well as are in the protectors fifty percent of the industry
There are no corners, instead the aggressors play the round as an objective kick

This implies that the enemies are betting 1 defender and also a goalkeeper have a 2 v 1 situation

Striking Principles that are shown

How can the strike benefit from the 1 v 2 scenario?

The attackers should want to make the most of the 1 v 2 situation in a number of means

Size and Deepness

The aggressors need to attempt as well as make use of the width and also deepness of the playing area to their advantage making it hard for the protector to cover both gamers at the same time.


When a player has a chance to obtain into the scoring area, they must doing this and after that promptly have a shot at goal.